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Cycling through an ancient city

After hopping off the train and walking past the usual Tuk Tuk drivers you see at every bus station or train station, we saw the first big old trees and rice fields in the distance. The colors of the rice fields and the blue sky were marvelous and so we just walked away from the main road as soon as we could and went onto the little paths, that led directly into the fields, into the green… Read more “Cycling through an ancient city”

Staying with monks

First week’s over. I’m so glad we realised our travelling dreams. After some difficulties on our first day we finally arrived at the temple. It was such a warm welcome and we didn’t know how to return their hospitality at all because they were more than nice to us. Read more “Staying with monks”


So this is it… we are really going. I can not believe it still – even now it feels so far away and the timespan of one year that is yet ahead of us does not seem like this much and home is really close still . But now. Now we are going. Now its the time for change. Read more “Leaving”