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Next year (better: in a few days) will be the time of change for us. I think even though we do not have many expectations and plans we will figure out lots and lots of stuff on the road… But one thing we already know for sure: we won’t be the same persons after this journey.

Change is inevitable!

Our characters will change in an unpredictable way, new experiences, good and bad, will cross our paths and shape the fundamental characteristics of ourselves, our personalities… our characters in a new way. And this change is the single one thing I really fear the most about traveling. Sure I also fear being robbed or getting injured or sick but this… this is different.

At the same time this is what it is all about and what I truly want from traveling and more general change (towards a better me) is what I search in a world that has so many (one could say endless) things to discover. So in short it is the one thing that I fear and anticipate the most. I do not know where the next year will take me or Flo and how our characters will change. But I think in some way it will teach us something much deeper and fundamental about life, that no school or university could ever teach. But still – it’s a jump into the unknown and one of the biggest changes that we might encounter throughout our whole lifetime. I think it is quite normal to fear this. 

Most of us still fear change.

It is different than things we have already encountered. I can’t grasp it and don’t know what it’s going to be like. Damn… most humans do fear change so much, that it prevents them from stepping out of their comfort zone entirely – forever. They’ll have excuses to always push things they want to learn, develop, create or do, further and further ahead of themselves. They never change: I still have time, I can do that later… , they say to themselves.

But in the end life is quite short – it fits on a piece of paper and in the end people regret to not have lived a life to their fullest extent and their full potential: Regretting decisions, regretting their own boundaries and regretting not having stepped out into the unknown, exposing themselves to the world. I do not want to be like that. And I think the same is true for Flo. That’s why we decided to travel. To change. Let’s hope for the best and see where the world will take us.



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