First ever travel blog entry

Photodyssee author Flo playing the ukulele

First ever travel blog entry

Hey guys,

I am Flo from Berlin, Germany and I am going to travel around the world with Rico for the next year. Last summer after finishing school Rico and I decided to discover the world!To tell the truth being travel mates has been technically decided back in summer 2016, when we were on a two-week backpacking trip in Croatia – which was AWESOME ^^.

So to make our dreams come true, we both got jobs and worked more or less over the last half year. Given that I need to show you something that really reminds me of what we are going to do:

Postcard: Travel is never a matter of money but of courage.
I could not have described it any better.

Just ten days left – I am so excited, but also kinda nervous. And again I can just refer to the postcard. I am so happy we took that step, realized what we have been dreaming of for over a year now.

What are we going to see? What will it be like to have my ukulele with me? Will it be like I imagine it? What will be the most memorable experience? Is it even possible to say one memory is the best?

A lot of questions (and many more), but no answer. It is a big mystery, because we have not planned anything! The only thing we booked is our flight from Berlin TXL to Colombo, Sri Lanka. By now we arranged a meeting on Couchsurfing, where we can stay for some days. Furthermore we got accepted by a project on Help X, where we are going to spent around a week getting some food and a place to sleep in exchange for some work. And the rest? Well… let`s see 😉


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