Our last stop (in Sri Lanka)

Our last stop (in Sri Lanka)

Feeling like we could have travelled Sri Lanka for another four weeks, we took the train from our last stop Hatton back to Colombo to continue to India. So we spent our last day in a train basically. Luckily I had a nice jam session once more. Some local boys played their drum singing along in Sinhala and I simply joined them. Even though they spoke not a single word of English we communicated through the music itself. Music does not need a language, it is a language on its own. We had a great time (two broken fingernails are proof enough) and I think the people around enjoyed our music as well, even though it was a weird mix of their very own traditional and my western style music.

Last stop: Colombo

After we got off the train at the last stop in Colombo we took quite some time to wander around the very heart of the city. We were searching for postcards and souvenirs.
Colombo was so completely different from what we have encountered so far in Sri Lanka: a vivid, but crowded place, narrow alleys with lots of little shops, crazy traffic and noise from all the salesmen, who tried to sell you something. It was fascinating, comparable to Bangkok as Rico said. But guess what we did not find: a single postcard.

Most of the people we asked did not even know what a postcard was. Even though we just startet to walk the streets in search of postcards and ended up finding none, we had a nice time in Colombo and all the walking was not in vain: I got a nice souvenir and we bought our very last Ginger Beer and Lemon Puffs… Eating them bit by bit we started to miss them already and it somehow felt like the last bites of Sri Lankan food.

Our last stop was actually Minuwangoda, because we wanted to meet the monks again. We planned to arrive there in the late afternoon to spent the end of the day and also the end of our journey with the little monks, but instead we got there at 9 pm, because the bus ride took way longer than expected. We did not think that traffic jams in Colombo could be that bad but in the end we made it and the extra effort of getting to Minuwangoda once again was really worth it!

Back with the monks

It felt like coming home after quite a long time. After just one hour of sleep we got up to go to the airport. The driver of the monks brought us there. We felt so sorry for him that he had to get up at one o’clock in the morning. Once again we did not know how to thank them enough for their enormous friendliness. At least we had post-processed pictures from our trip, which they loved.
Overall I think Sri Lanka was the best start we could have had. All the nice people we met, the friends we made, the experience we gathered, the scenic landscapes… It definitely is a true gem!


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