Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Our journey through Sri Lanka was just awesome and we decided to call it our Sri Lanka adventure. Seriously we think it is one of the best countries we could have imagined starting with. Visiting it was definitely more than worth it. All the way from the monks in Minuwangoda, to the laid back beaches on the East Coast and the cold misty hills of the inland it was freaking beautiful. We met so many great people, have visited breathtaking temples, wandered around ancient jungle paths, climbed giant rocks and hills, found our personal favorite Kotthu and had LOTS of Ginger Beer and Lemon Puff cookies.

A single month…

One month even though it sounded like a lot to us in the first place was not even close to enough time in the end. We would have liked to discover this little island paradise a bit more. In our hearts, we agreed to visit it again one day soon. You can read all of our Sri Lanka adventure stories in this blog series here. You can also watch a collection of our very favorite pictures from all of our journey throughout this country down here. But be warned: you won’t get any of the Sri Lanka adventure stories behind them… For that, you will have to read our blog 😉

So enjoy the Sri Lanka Adventure!

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