Tuk-Tuk Triple Team

Our friend Nils sitting inside our tuk tuk enjoying the passing landscape and the sunset

Tuk-Tuk Triple Team

After a rather late and unnerving arrival in Gokarna, we met Nils, a charismatic young fellow from Berlin. Usually, people tend to travel with their fellow countryman. So did we. The tuk-tuk triple was born.

It all started, when we finally arrived in Gokarna after just another wrong address inside Google maps (in Varkala Google nearly killed our rickshaw). On our way there we encountered some pretty beautiful salines though.

Dramatic clouds rolling over a saline during sunset

Abstract picture of drying salt water inside a saline

Some tools lying in a drying saline trench

In Gokarna, we bumped into Nils in the hostel late in the evening and went out for dinner together. He seemed to know the place quite well and soon it was clear that he also wanted to go up North. So we asked if he wanted to join our crazy adventure. Nils was in for it. It was our first and only carpool in India and we had a hell of a blast! 

Leaving Gokarna

The next morning after a good long sleep and a bit of wandering around the exceptionally beautiful cliff, from which we had a nice sight on the beach, we started towards Goa. 

View onto the top of the cliff in Gokarna, India shortly after sunrise

Gokarna beach as seen from above shortly after sunrise

Photodyssee author Flo kickstarting the motor of our rickshaw

We found out that we used the motor to its full capacity with three people and three heavy backpacks. So especially steep hills were a nuisance. Sometimes the two in the back needed to jump out and push the tuk-tuk up an especially steep part.

Karwa – a beautiful mess

In Karwa we had a super delicious (and massive) breakfast, which provided our tuk-tuk triple with lots of energy for the day. It was actually more of a brunch.

Part of the breakfast we ate in a small shop in Karwa, India

Part of the breakfast we ate in a small dinner in Karwa, India

The city was a prime example of the Indian spirit: overcrowded, noisy and dirty, but pulsating with life. Especially the bazar conveyed this feeling with its fruits lying on blankets directly on the street.

The street bazar as we saw it in Karwa, India throughout our journey through Goa

Indian street scene - a huge tree in the background, our tuk tuk and many people walking and driving on the street in the foreground

Many people walking through the streets of Karwa, India

Way too many tourists

On our way along the coast, we stopped in Palolem but turned in on our heels immediately when we saw how crowded it was. No one of us could stand the touristic atmosphere. It seemed to poison the air around.

A collection of tourists walking over the beach in Palolem

So we went on and after a rather short time of driving stopped in Agonda for the night. The beach was still touristic (as usual in Goa), but no comparison to Palolem. Especially during sunset the boulders at the beach looked wonderful and Rico could not stop himself from climbing around a little.

Photodyssee author Rico looking over the bay in Agonda, India during sunset

Sunset over the turqouise sea in Agonda, India

Out of this world rock formations at the Agonda beach, India

Stones covered in moss and algae

Tuk-Tuk triple in North Goa

Especially the northern part of Goa, with Arambol as a center, is a touristic hell. That is why we stayed there for just one night. On our way to Arambol, we stopped occasionally to have a look at the beachside, but as we already expected it was full of sunbathing tourists and souvenir shops – lots of souvenir shops. The perfect things to scare us away.

Some of the many street markets in Arambol during the early morning hours

Photodyssee author Flo standing in a doorway in our hotel in Arambol, ready to leave this ugly place

In the evening before we parted in Siolim and went on to Arambol we had been to a Nav-Tara diner (a restaurant-chain in Goa), where we ate the best Thali ever.

The thali our tuk tuk triple ate in the Siolem Nav Tara a restaurant in Goa, India

We, meaning Rico and me, arrived in Arambol quite late and to our surprise the hostel we booked was full – they simply overbooked their place. We were annoyed. Upset that they did not even bother to offer us an alternative with a similar price, we had to look for ourselves. What an audacity! Quite tired we checked into a hostel after 12 pm – without a parking place for our tuk-tuk. Everybody could have just rolled it away…

Not a tuk-tuk triple anymore we left early (luckily nobody stole our little auto) and made our way towards the next Indian state -Maharashtra. Was that the definitive end for the triple though? Read on in the next article.


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