Last Camping in India

Photodyssee author Rico leaning out of his rickshaw which is standing on a beach directly in front of the Indian ocean

Last Camping in India

After the lucky coincidence in Naravan, we set off once more to continue our journey up the coast. This day’s goal was the Guhagar Beach, where we wanted to spend another night in hammocks. Our last night of camping in India.

As always when staying at someone’s home we started quite late. Luckily we had only a small distance to cover. We even had time to go to another heavenly deserted beach nearby.

A group of cows blocking the way to the beach. Something that can only happen in India.

The only hotel at a wonderful nearly deserted beach in Maharashtra, India

A deserted nearly pristine beach in Maharashtra, India

Rico even found us some fresh coconuts while he wandered around to take some photos. Fresh coconuts are the best when one wants to go camping in India 🙂 With our freshly harvested treasure in the luggage-compartment, we drove on.


… was a tad more populated than we expected it to be. After we saw that, we were a little afraid of not finding a quiet and hidden place. Our fear did not stop us from searching along the coast though. In the end all turned out well and the superb spot we found proved that our worries were completely unnecessary.

We parked our tuk-tuk amidst some trees right in front of the beach and set up our camp in a little stretch of pine forest covering the coast. Afterward, we sat down and opened our coconuts with our newly bought machete. Sipping those fresh coconuts and watching the sun settle was a truly enjoyable moment.

Photodyssee author Flo watching the sunset in Guhagar in rural Maharashtra, India

A boat with an Indian flag lying on a beach in front of a sunset over the Indian ocean in Guhagar, Maharashtra

It was kind of magical because we knew it would be the last time on the beach for quite a while because our plan was to go inland thereafter.

A little nightmare…

The discovery, that our keys were missing, was a wake-up call and brought us back to reality. I lost them somewhere after we had set up our camp. We walked all over the beach after that so the keys could have been pretty much anywhere. So we searched the coastline in complete darkness – somewhat systematically, but nonetheless in vain. It was a scary Sysiphean task.

Beach illuminated by a nearby cities rest light

You need to know: Those were our only keys. So without them, our journey would have come to a tragic end. We just hoped that they would show up eventually… One and a half hours later we were relieved. I simply lost them, when I went to the toilet. They had been lying on the ground near our camp all the time… That was a close shave! After this “little” incident, we went to sleep and the only noises that remained were those of the rustling trees and calm waves.

After a good nights slumber, we left early the next morning and continued our journey inland. We were going to meet an awesome Couchsurfer in Pune the next day.


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