Sign displaying that just two-wheel vehicles are allowed on a street with a three-wheel rickshaw in the background India

Quest for a tuk-tuk

The only goal we had to accomplish while waiting for the tuk-tuk to get ready was withdrawing the money from the bank accounts and guess what happened: We had some serious trouble to get the cash at all. In the end, we gave up and booked a train ticket, but was that the end? See for yourself… Read more “Quest for a tuk-tuk”


India… finally!

After four weeks in Sri Lanka we moved on to Chennai, India. You need to know that Chennai, formerly known as Madras, is the fourth biggest city in India with over 15 Million inhabitants and that there is hardly any tourism at all. For us it was a jump into the cold water, directly into the heart of Indias crazy culture. Read more “India… finally!”